Kalyan Goparaju
Ansys Employee


The following reponse is assuming that you have access to an IT maintained cluster, with a job scheduler. If these are not true, the below response might not be valid. 

  1. Selecting GPGPU's is not mandatory. If you don't have a reason and/or resources to use them, you can set this value to 0.
  2. Please refer to User's guide (section 38.2 - Starting Parallel Ansys Fluent Using Fluent Launcher) - This section discusses how to setup Fluent to run on remote Linux nodes.
  3. Based on your point 5, you have a job schueduler on your cluster. If you are running by turning on the 'Use Job Scheduler' option, you don't have to specify the machine names file. 
  4. Please contact your IT for setting up the passwordless SSH. This is not Ansys or Fluent specific and hence is not a part of the manual.
  5. Slurm Scheduler Host should be the login node for your cluster that can communicate with the SLURM job scheduler. Do not confuse this with the simulation nodes that are assigned when you request for resources. 

Much of what I have outlined above is covered in great detail in the User's Guide (38.2).