Neeraj Pradhan

Hello Judy, Thanks for the response.

I have gone through the Chemkin API document and have updated the CKROOT path.

I am trying to run a sample example problem provided in samples provided in .


There in make file i have to just update the CKROOT, and i have done that.

If we see my o/p which i posted, it is compiling properly ksample_driver.f, sksample.f etc

It has problem when its running sksample in line

home/neeraj/Documents/Ansys_inst/ansys_inc/v222/reaction/chemkinpro_linuxx8664/bin/sksample < sksample.inp > sksample.out

here sksample is an exe file ,

in error msg

/home/neeraj/Documents/Ansys_inst/ansys_inc/v222/reaction/chemkinpro_linuxx8664/bin/sksample: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file

here i think its considering sksample as an folder.  The shared object is present inside /.../chemkinpro_linuxx8664/bin but it  is searching inside sksample folder. Thats what i think is causing issue.

Thanks in advance