Rémi Gérard-Marzan

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your answer. I am afraid there has been a typo in my post. I have mixed and matched French and English number separators. The opening post should read:

  • Outgoing Net Radiation 4.8438 W
  • Emitted Radiation 44.001W
  • Reflected Radiation 4.3481 W
  • Incident Radiation 43.505 W

Seen that way, you can understand that my surprise comes from the fact the “Emitted Radiation” is 8 W lower than the expected emitted radiation that I got from a hand-made computation. It might have to do with the fact that I am not clear on what “Emitted Radiation” means in the context of a radiation probe. I assumed it was the black-body emission of the considered surface, and the Ansys Mechanical User Guide does not give any more clues. However, it might actually mean something else?

Best regards,