Hello everyone, I faced the same issue when shifting to 2022R2 from 2021. 

I tried the below (in addition to running the application in compatibility mode) which seems to have fixed the crashes.

Original link: https://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/ansys/77498-ansys-workbench-mesh-crashes-ansyswbu-exe-problem-3.html

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1) Many people are advised to do the following:
Install the System environment variable ANS_OLD_ATTACH = 1

Advanced system settings / Environment variables
On System variables select -> New
On variable name -> ANS_OLD_ATTACH
On variable value -> 1

2) But sometimes that does not work (or does not help everyone):
This error is related to the fact that the operating system when you install the updates (for windows) changed the files belonging to the program Ansys, and located in the "My Documents" at:


To remove the error simply rename the folder "Ansys", eg, "_Ansys". As a result of this operation, the software Ansys, will recreate the directory at (C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ansys) with default parameters and the error will disappear.

Also, Ansys, each time creating at "C: \ ... \ Temp \" multiple files / directories, they can also be safely removed, although their removal does not resolve problem, also typically, this folder is cleared after a system restart because it stores the temporary parameters (just the one person by the link above also recommends do it)

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