Qingshan Liu

I am using catalyst to test if assigning diffusivity to UDS works, and for difflayer it still doesn't work after hooking UDF. Can you tell me why the value of protonic potential diffusivity calculated with Report (anode and cathode catalyst do not agree and are not equal to 5) is not equal to the value (constant value 5) I specified for UDS-1 (protonic potential)? I started the modeling from modeling, drew the mesh, set the case, and the result is still the same as before, which means that it is not a problem with the mesh. The mesh quality is as follows.

Mesh Quality:

Minimum Orthogonal Quality = 7.07226e-01 cell 1084 on zone 24 (ID: 183000 on partition: 2) at location ( 5.53174e-04, 3.10227e-03, 9.95000e-03)

Maximum Aspect Ratio = 8.77089e+01 cell 1960 on zone 29 (ID: 86124 on partition: 2) at location ( 1.50000e-04, 1.75887e-03, 7.65000e-03)

My boundary condition settings are the same as those given in the module calculation, as shown below.