Greetings Maria Fernanda,

The simplified model I shared with you has a rigid container. Click on the surface under Geometry and look in the Details window. You will see that it is rigid and that can be changed to flexible. Once it is flexible, the wall thickness and material make a difference in how much the walls bend.

A description of the goals for your simulation model would be helpful to decide how best to represent the container to more accurately model the aluminum tubes and rubber strips.

It is easier if I show you how to operate the software to do what I did and answer your questions on the simple model in a Zoom/Skype/Google type meeting where I can share my screen. I could meet with you later today or tomorrow. I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone where it is 11:42 AM right now. If you want to meet, let me know the day and time you can meet, but give me at least 2 hours notice so I can see your reply and confirm that I am available.