Luke Saindon


Ok, I worked with our ANSYS representative to solve the problem, I wanted to post here since I’ve seen others ask similar questions and there’s never been a clear solution:

”Please go to C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v231\aisol folder. Right-click on bin folder and open properties. Go to Security tab and select your email address or username or Users in Groups or usernames box. Check if you have read and write permission. Ideally you need to have full access. If you don’t see the full access, please ask your IT to provide full access to this folder.”

The above works, but also, I started just making sure Workbench always “ran as administrator” and that solved the issue as well. Silly solution, but I didn’t realize that would make a difference. I wasn’t running as admin before and wasn’t having any issues, but some sort of permission must have got changed.

Good luck,