Maria Fernanda Velasquez


Greetings Peter
I really appreciate your willingness to help me with the difficulties I have encountered.
As for getting together to make it easier for me to understand you, that is a very good idea. However, my native language is Spanish (I am Colombian), and my level of English is very low. So it would be very difficult to communicate. I will ask if a friend can act as an intermediary. If you think we can do it this way, or continue through the forum?
As for the objectives of the model are the following:
The idea is to design a “Flexible” soil container (according to literature and soil container design). In the scientific literature there have been made models similar to the one I am proposing in my design.
The idea is that the container is an extension of the soil and that the boundary effects are minimized, i.e., because the soil in reality is not finite, the container should be flexible enough to have the greatest similarity in its behavior as the soil (in my case sand). 
The idea is to find a geometry (both of the pieces and of the whole container), that allows us to reduce the boundary effects, when an earthquake arrives.
Let me know if I was clear enough.
Thank you very much
Maria Fernanda Velasquez