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This error message could appear due to coarse mesh in some contact regions of your model, possibly due to the mesh-based defeaturing which is on by default.

To fix this error try the following resolution:

Inside Workbench Mechanical

1) Choose Variable Manager from the Tools menu.

2) Right-click in the row to add a new variable.

3) Set Variable Name = contactAllowEmpty

4) Set Value = 1

5) Insert the check mark under Active

6) Click OK

Run the analysis and check the solve.out(Solution Information) to identify the problematic contact. Once you identify the problematic contact pair, you can check the contact faces and the mesh on these faces. You can either remove the sliver faces from contact or modify mesh controls to capture the face. Then make sure, you turn off the variable contactAllowEmpty and then solve the model

Thank you,

Akshay Maniyar

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