Khashayar Ghaffari
Ansys Employee


Thanks for posting your question. Are you able to share more information about your settings and overal geometry?

The error indicates HEAT fails to initialize (but the mesh is complete). This could be related to several different settings so the info you share will be helpful in finding the cause. Having the following info could be helpful:

  • Screenshot of HEAT General tab.
  • Screenshot of HEAT Advanced tab.
  • Screenshot of overal geometry and Objects Tree (not collapsed so all objects including boundary conditions are visible).
  • Screenshot of Boundary condition and any heat source settings.
  • Overall size of the structure (rough estimation is sufficient).
  • Also please check your material properties and ensure no properties have a value of zero.

I will comment as best as I can given the available info. As I mentioned currently the mesh has succeeded but otherwise the issue could be related to any of the settings. 

Best regards