That is what I would have done but the descrioption of the component is below:

A clevis, whose geometry is shown in Figure 1, has been tested under tensile loading to assess the level of stress concentration around the largest hole under an applied load of 50 kN. A tensile load is applied by moving the bottom crosshead of the universal testing machine (UTM) with a displacement rate of 1 mm/min, while the top crosshead is fixed. The load is applied until a value of 50 kN is measured by the load cell on the UTM.   Due to a very tight fit between the pin and the clevis and between the pin and the upper attachment after manufacturing, you may assume perfect bonding between these parts with no slippage occurring during the test.

So based on this I applied bonded contact to all the parts. What other simplifcations do you think I could do?


Thank you