Bo Ren

Hello Shiyan, 

Thanks for sharing the model with me. 

I have run your model in my computer and it could be solved correctly, so the model you have built is good. Then the error message you have found may due to other issues and there are some actions you could take to further check it: 

  1. Run the default model to check if you will have the same error message, also check if the thermal or mechanical module also has the same issue. 
  2. Run Motor-CAD as administrator and check if it helps. 
  3. Check if your Motor-CAD is installed in the default directory, if it isn't, try re-installing it there. The default path is C:\ANSYS_Motor-CAD\...

Sorry again for the issues you have faced and please take these actions to check. I hope it will help to solve this for you.


Best regards