Thanks for the answer. Now I am solving the problem of teeth interference fit and their failure.

Now I'm solving the problem of engagement. And it is important to me with what force the teeth will jump. For this I use force reaction. I use metal ductility, bilinear isotropic hardening and large diflection. I have a constant error with the grid DISTORTED 9999999. If I set the stiffness factor to 0.01, then the problem is sometimes solved, but this gives a strong error in the calculation, refining the grid does not help, I tried different triangular and square grids. I also tried using NORMAL LAGRANGE.  I use friction contact 0.1. Augmented Lagrange, Axysymmetric, Nodal Normal to target, Add Offset ramped effects.

All teeth are rounded.

Please give me advice on how to solve this problem.