Hello Rob,

The truth is that some problems are causing me to work in Rocky, so I prefer to return to Fluent and compare both results.
If we talk about pneumatic conveying with a volume fraction of 10%, I would like to obtain the concentration of the particles close to the wall (volume fraction close to the wall)
Correct me, please if I’m wrong:
If I work with the DPM option, I should only inject the particles, but since it operates under a one-way Copling, the volume fraction is not considered. The question I have is: so how is dem -option activated? If it is supposed to take into account the volume fraction of the particles
On the other hand, if I work with the DDPM option, I enter an Eulerian phase option (the air) and activate the option DEM and two-way coupling; I should be able to get the concentration of the particles, right?