Ansys Employee

OK, doable but both painful and messy.  You can't combine the files, so that options not available. Transient and steady profiles have a different syntax, which can't be combined. 

How many data points do you have in each of the profiles? Ie how well resolved is the surface profile?  If you create a surface plot of x, y and variable how does it look? 

Some options then are:

  • To use a journal, read & set the profile, run a time step, read & set new profile & run a time step. Repeat for some cycles. Probably slow and painful to set up and I'd question the results as you're not letting the solver stabilise due to the potential jumps in boundary value. 
  • Break up the inlet into several surfaces summing to the total area and alter the profile format to give a transient profile from the many steady ones you currently have. This won't have any interpolation between faces so you may get some weird gradients. 
  • Use a UDF to read all the profiles and do stuff based on one or both of the above. Doable, but I am not going to do anything other than point you at the manual.