Lito Yap
Ansys Employee


Where did you install Lumerical on your computer? Did you set this to install on a different location during the installation process -- not the default install location? If this is the case, then our installation files it will be on a different location.

We recommend to install using the default process/install path as shown in the KB:

>>> Windows installation guide – Ansys Optics

To run outside the CAD/GUI, you will have to add the API and Lumerical install path into your environment (PATH / PYTHONPATH). Your "Anaconda" should already be in your environment. Similar to the screenshot/image, my Python3 installation is already in my environment. I simply added the Lumerical install and API path into my environment. Ensure that the required modules to run our API is installed on your Anaconda/Python installation.  

>>> Create or modify environment variables in Windows – Ansys Optics