Vinayak Vipradas
Ansys Employee


Hi Divya, 
In ANSYS Mechanical, there are three options for modeling a crack.You can choose among a semi-elliptical, arbitrary, or pre-meshed crack depending on your needs. 
A Suface Body created in Geometry Modelling Application is used to represent Arbitrary Crack. The exterior edges of the Surface Body define the crack front and the Sruface itself represents the discontinuous crack plane. Create a Surface in CAD that will be a Construction Geometry in Mechanical. The crack will be the intersection between the body geometry and the construction geometry. Once in Mechanical, select the behavior of the surface as a Construction body. 

For more information about defining Arbitrary Crack, pleaser refer to the following Ansys Help Document:
Defining an Arbitrary Crack ( 

Vinayak Vipradas