Ansys Employee


Couple of comments:


  • Don’t use CFD Post, it’s quicker in Fluent and it’s where most users do the post processing. 
  • What gas density model did you use? Incompressible ideal gas is my choice for these sorts of problems. The operating density then MUST BE EXACTLY the value from the “outside”. 
  • SOx content of a plume will be tiny. You may find you're better off with a "emission" species and then use custom field functions to show each material separately. 
  • Monitors should be covered in the tutorials, then apply to a point. Points are in the Fluent post processing surfaces. Hence using Fluent for post processing. 
  • You may need to make the domain larger, or failing that understand the implication of not making it bigger. There will be best practice documents for external HVAC/urban flow modelling in CFD and wind tunnels.