Google Translate: Now I get response data for 15 locations. Actually, I have the strain values of the actual objects at these locations. I was wondering if I could get his strain contour by directly entering the strain values at those 15 locations. In short there is no such process here that can be simulated using ansys

Answer: Go into SpaceClaim and split the face using an XZ plane to make that line, then create 13 planes parallel to the XY plane and split the face to make interior vertices. Now you can report 15 strain values at those 15 vertices.

答案:进入 SpaceClaim 并使用 XZ 平面分割面以制作该线,然后创建 13 个平行于 XY 平面的平面并分割面以制作内部顶点。 现在您可以报告这 15 个顶点的 15 个应变值。