murali macharla

The environment temperature is 280c.

The reference temperature of all materials is 22c. 

In step 1, the load is same as environment temperature i.e., 280c. In step 1 , the load(280c) is kept constant for 1 minute. Then it is ramped down in other steps.

I have already used the initial step as 1e-4, still not converging. I even went till 1e-8, there is no convergence.

Ok i will turn on large deflection and run the simulation.

I added week springs  as i am performing simulation on chip and substrate bonded with interconnect. Here they attach through bonded contacts. So, i turned on weak springs. And i also need to check warpage of chip and substrate, so it doesn't make sense to give boundary conditions. 

And yeah i am using only direct solver.