Navya C
Ansys Employee

HI Sashan,

Initially, you said you are simulating only a coil and comparing its inductance with your tested results.
In your previous message, you are saying you are checking the variation in inductance when you bring another metal nearby the coil.

Which of the scenarios is correct? 

If you are talking about the second scenario,

1)Check the eddy current example in Maxwell and make sure you set up everything accordingly.

2) Turn on the eddy effect for the necessary parts - Right-click on excitation>set eddy effect

If you are still facing the problem and If you do not share screenshots of your setup including which solution type are you using and the results, how do you expect us to interpret your problem correctly?
How do I know whether you are placing a plate or another coil near the excited coil?

Please submit a service request if are subscribed to Ansys customer support.