Mihai Rus


Hi Dan,
Thanks for your answer.
These are alternatives that we’ve used before but aren’t really what we are looking for.

We are looking for something where, if you plot let’s say a DQS signal in DDR4, and 4 DQ signals, all in the same report, to be able to highlight one eye in particular, and sort-of grey out the rest without deleting or stacking the eyes as they would need to be in the same report.
As an example, other simulation software has this capability where you plot let’s say 5 eye diagrams, and if I select one of the 5, it highlights that certain eye and greys out the rest.

This feature is already existent in the standard transient/rectangular plot where if I click on one signal from a multitude, it greys out the rest and highlights the one I clicked. So I don't see why this wouldn't be possible to do for eye diagrams.Is there any workaround to obtain this result?