Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee


To make sure I understand the question - are you trying to plot a force-extension curve for a mooring line from the time domain results? If this is the case, you will need to create 2 graphs in the Aqwa Workbench editor:

  • in the first graph, output the cable tension:
    • right-click on Solution, then Insert Result > Connections > Cable Forces > Whole Cable Forces;
    • select the appropriate cable;
    • set the 'Component' as 'Tension'.
  • in the second graph, output the displacement between the mooring line attachments:
    • right-click on Solution, then Insert Result > Structure Motions > Structure Position > Actual Response;
    • select the appropriate structure;
    • set the 'Component' as the DOF you are interested in, or set as 'Distance';
    • select the 'Reference Point' as the Connection Point at the vessel end of the mooring line;
    • set 'Motion Relative To' as the Fixed Point or Connection Point at the other end of the mooring line.

Once you have evaluated these results, in each graph you will find an 'Export CSV File' option. Save each graph as a separate CSV file, then open these in Excel, and use this to plot the tension values against the displacements.

I hope this helps!