• for heat capacity, conductivity and viscosity they are changed with temperature so I can't assume them as a constant.
  • I have added the 6 speices as fluid then I put them under mixutre and I use volume weighted and mass weighted for calculate the CP and density for the mixture.
  • I choose the material for fluid zone as a mixture.
  • the mass flow rate for the exhaust gases is about 27 kg/s. and the wind speed is 3 m/s.
  • z direction is up, I try with negative and positive gravity in z deriction (-9.81) but I didn't get the solution.
  • the so2 contcentration that I fox on between 2 ppm and 5 ppm.
  • my BCs : inlet ( velocity inlet ) - outlet ( outflow ) . - symmetry ( both sides ) . - wall ( bottum and top sides ).       2 mass flow inlet for emession .

please I want to put the correct setting for my case