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Hi dariomnava,

There are 2 types of solvers when we deal with transient analysis. They are implicit solver (transient structural) and explicit solvers (Explicit dynamics and LS-DYNA).  Impact takes place in micro-seconds, so we need a solver which is compatable in dealing with such small time steps efficiently, in this case you can go for either of explicit solvers. Also, reduce the gap between structure and slab, we are not interested in the time when slab falls down, you can just specify the impact velocity instead. Place the slab just near to the structure. If you’re not bothering about the slab, make it a rigid body.

You can have a look at this AIS course on what analysis needs to be used for impact analysis. You can also find a workshop in the course, Crushing of a soda can, which is very similar to what you’re doing.

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