Thanks for your reply. The tutorial you shared is helpful for me but I need some more info.

I am making a minor correction in my question, a mistake due to auto-correct. 

"I am trying to excite a submerged body using sinusoidal acoustic waves."


The video you shared tells about how to make a transducer and give it excitation within an acoustic region. i have few questions more:

1. I never knew that the "Harmonic response" module gives options for acoustical studies. I thought I should use Harmonic acoustic, isn't it? What's the difference between them if the harmonic response also allows acoustic excitation and acoustic region?

2. I want to focus these waves from the transducer (Focused transducer) to excite a body, let's say, a spherical body submerged in an acoustic region (Let's say water), to be excited by these waves.  This video shows the disturbance within the acoustic region due to acoustic waves from the transducer, but it does not show how to target a body with these waves. Can you please guide me further