Nanda Veralla
Ansys Employee

Hi Aras,

You need to create a coordinate file format which will be recognized by Ansys Designmodeler. Let’s say you are trying for a curve and you input only X, Y, and Z coordinate data points. When you put this data into designmodeler, you’ll get an error and zero points will be generated. You need to add 2 more columns to your data points to make the data compatible with designmodeler. The supported file formats are *.txt, *.csv . Just copy the data points you have into an excel sheet, add the necessary columns using the format given below, and save the file in .txt or .csv format. Make sure all the coordinates have exact number of decimals.

Coordinate file format

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Group number (Integer>0)

ID number (Integer>0)




1 for open curve

2 for closed curve

























 Now all you need to do is import this file into Designmodeler using POINT tool. Make sure your units in DM and your data are similar. Once your points are generated, you can generate a curve using 3D CURVE tool.



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