1. You forgot to fix the Yield Strength in the HPL phenolic board!!!
  2. The friction coefficient on the dead-weight to the table is 0.  That is a problem. Use 0.1
  3. I changed the Normal Stiffness Factor to be 0.1 which may not be required.
  4. I changed the Minimum Substeps to 100 on every step from 10.  Maybe a smaller number would work, look at the N-R Force convergence to decide.
  5. I added the command NEQIT,100 to tell the solver to iterate up to 100 times instead of the default 26 times on All steps.

ANSYS is automatically improving your model for you:

*** WARNING ***                         CP =       8.656   TIME= 13:04:43
 Section ID set 17 (and possibly others), with only 1 layer and 3 integration points, is associated with material plasticity.  The number of integration points will be changed to 5 for improved accuracy.    

I will add a N-R Force residual plot after it runs for a few hours.