Dear Rob, thank you so much for your reply.

I want to burn biodiesel, for that I need to prepare a biodiesel file. Biodiesel is a mixture of composite reactions, and it is really hard to prepare a biodiesel file without knowing the file structure. I have seen the reaction mechanisms for diesel, methane and some others that has provided by ANSYS in .ansys input file formats. But the reaction mechanisms for biodiesel are completely different. Hence, I have chosen to edit the biodiesel file in ANSYS model fuel library according to my requirements. However, the file is encrypted, and it is hard to distinguish the reaction process of what ANSYS has provided?

Also, there are hundreds of biodiesel types available in the literature and what is the name of the one biodiesel file that ANSYS has kept in its model fuel library?

I really need this information. I am doing the combustion project in ANSYS from last couple of years and now I am struck at this stage.

Help me out with something.