Hi Amrita

Thank you so much for the quick reply.  I changed my lsf as you suggested and it is working. 

However, I came across a new issue.

In the official file, the final result I need is adding a minus sign and _backward suffix to the data from the expansion for fom, as shown below.

temp = getresult("fom_exp", "expansion for fom");

T = -temp.T_backward;


I actually cannot understand what _backward and minus sign exactly mean. (I tried to search _backward in the script library but I cannot find it).


Anyways, the new problem is that I set the original data as temp, and wanna do the same change to the temp and use it as the final result into the sweep, the code is as shown as below:

result_1 = struct;

result_1.Name = "T";

temp = "::model::fom_exp::expansion for fom";

result_1.Result = -temp_backward;

addsweepresult("sweep source position", result_1);

And it will give errors like the screenshot below:

I reckon it is related to the minus sign and _backward suffix. What do these two functions exactly do, and how may I adjust to correct this error?

Thank you so much for your help!


Yours sincerely