Nikhil Narale
Ansys Employee

Hello Torben,


Thank you for posting your question. While it is possible to perform such a simulation using Ansys Fluent, it may require some simplifications and careful consideration of the relevant physics to fit in the framework of the simulation. For example, you could simplify the preheating of the mold to a constant temperature wall boundary condition, and model the injection of warm epoxy resin as a fluid mass or velocity inlet with an appropriate temperature. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the material properties of the epoxy resin, such as its density and viscosity, are accurately defined using a non-Newtonian model. Phase change can be modelled using melting and solidification model, available in Ansys Fluent. So on and so forth.

Given that your case is highly transient, it may be necessary to use User Defined Functions (UDFs) and/or expressions to accurately capture the relevant physics. I recommend reviewing the Ansys Fluent user’s guide and exploring available tutorials and courses on the Ansys Innovation Space: Fluids Engineering Courses | Ansys Innovation Courses

Finally, it may be worth exploring the dedicated material processing workspace in Ansys Fluent, which provides specialized tools and workflows for simulating such processes. Check this video demonstration:

Thank you!