Ingrid Machecler
Ansys Employee


The image you posted doesn't say much about your workflow.

As part of the Aqwa workflow, you want your first analysis component to be an Hydrodynamic Diffraction system. This system can be connected to a geometry/mesh-related upstream component to your model or geometry cells. Then you can only connect a series of Hydrodynamic Response systems. Do do this, drag and drop your Hydrodynamic Response component over the solution cell (this will highlight 3 cells of your HD system). You can connect a Mechanical Static Structural system to a HD or HR system in order to transfer the hydrodynamic pressure load (your Aqwa solution is connected to the Mechanical setup cell). You will need to make sure you ACT load mapping extension is loaded and that you've updated your Aqwa solution (right click on Solution > Update) in order to transfer your Aqwa files. Make sure Mechanical is closed at the time you do this.

I hope this helps,