I count one segment, in total there are 10 of them in the estimate, they form a cylinder with cutouts. This is a collet. I'm simulating preload because first the collet teeth will hit the teeth of the lower element and then they will break. I simulate a breakdown. I do the tension with the help of ekill. I try to use square elements rather than triangular ones. In the course of calculations, grid errors of 80% constantly occur. After spending 20-30 calculations, I realized that the matter was in contact. I used Augmented Lagrange - Nodal Normal To Target - Stiffness Factor 1 and I managed to get a solution.

But I would like to receive recommendations on how to proceed in such cases of errors? What life hacks to use and what to apply first? Share your experience? It is very difficult to carry out 20-30 calculations without knowing where to start.