Aras karimi


Yes, I want to create a domain for analysis in Design Modeler, then take it to the Meshing software and use Fluent to calculate the aerodynamic coefficients.


The domain that is supposed to be created in the Design Modeler is in the shape of a rectangle from which the wing is Subtracted and the flow passes over it.The purpose of the flow is to pass over the wing, no flow will pass through the open holes on either side. You are right, we should keep the solid original in the spaceclaim and then subtract it from the domain in the Design Modeler.

Did you create the solid model inside the SpaceClaim in a Filled form or Did you only close its front and back surfaces ?


You are right we want a solid body and We don’t want the surfaces with holes in the ends.To create a domain in Design Modeler, I Exported the same Spaceclaim file that you sent me without any changes and without removing the front and back surfaces, in STEP format and opened it in Design Modeler.Then I drew the domain around the wing and finally I subtracted the wing from the domain, which is as shown in the following figure:


Now the problem is as shown in the figure below, by selecting the front surface of the domain, a piece of the front part of the wing is also selected, as if the wing is not completely removed from the domain :

I think that the patchiness of the upper and lower surfaces of the wing caused the problem. Therefore, the upper and lower surfaces of the wing must become a single surface.

I don’t know anything about being able to mesh the STL file, and I think it would be more routine to Export the geometry in STEP format from SpaceCalim.

I am familiar with the process of simulating 3D flows. After drawing the domain in Design Modeler, we can refer to one of the Meshing softwares and finally use Fluent to solve the flow.

In Spaceclaim, I need the Wing in the form of a solid body with a filled inside and all its surfaces are a single surface and not created from several pieces of surfaces, so that I can Subtract it from the domain without problems in the Design Modeler.