Chris Runyan

I've successfully compiled the code but now am not seeing any condensation on the droplets. I set the water vapor content of the air to .8 to force condensation. I've also set the function hooks up from the UDF to add a source term to the discrete phase, the adjust box in the function hooks tab, and set the condenshumidity law as the first law and hooked the UDF function to the DPM switching. Still I don't see any mass growth on the droplets and it appears that the UDM isn't storing any data (values are zero at all node locations). I'm wondering if the code isn't finding my water material because its not named 'h2o' (h2o is the 'chemical name' and not the species name). I tried to change the || or statement to accept 'water-vapor' as well, since that's the name of my water-vapor material in my air, but it still doesn't work.