Aras karimi

The distance between the two wing planes should be 30 mm. Are the two wing planes of the STL file parallel to each other and the distance between them is 30 mm, and after turning into a solid geometry, they are out of parallel and the distance between them is 30 mm Will it be less ?

What does it mean that (“the two edges of the STL file were not perfect planes”) ?

How can I create two new planes along the z-axis and place them inside the solid body ?

For meshing with wing Structure in ICEM software, as you know, this software works based on the lines in the geometry.Therefore, the large number of lines that are the border between fragmented surfaces creates a problem for blocking, so these lines must somehow not exist between fragmented surfaces.figure below:

           What way do you suggest to solve this problem ?

If I turn off the display of edges in SpaceClaim, are there still fragmented surfaces in Design Modeler software? How to disable the display of edges in SpaceClaim ?