I really want to use TUI because i have many particle-tracking files to get and I want to post-process them in cfd-post later. i know how to export the data into test.his file through TUI but cfd post does not allow to use the .his file.

As far as the export option goes i know how to do that, but it takes extremely long time to do for all the cases that i want. if i could get an XML file through TUI itself it would be wonderful.

or if there is any way in which i can use .his in cfd-post also it would be very helpful.

please let me know.

I even thought i will encode the .his file to XML myself but when i look at the XML file i could not figure out how to do that either because it was strange and i was not sure how to encode the his file to this file.


as the best route to achieve what I want to do, i thought if there was any TUI command i will use that. so please let me know if there is any tui command that allows me to achieve this. or any other alternative routes.