Chris Runyan


After some debugging it appears the UDF is stopping at this if statement on line 40:
if ((MATERIAL_TYPE(m) == MATERIAL_MIXTURE) && (FLUID_THREAD_P(t))) meaning the statement isn’t true. It seems like it’s not recognizing the material as a material mixture, but I’m using a mixture (called mixture-template) of h2o and nitrogen in my cell zone conditions and boundary conditions, which Fluent seems to classify as a mixture. I’m suspecting it has something to do with my Multiphase definitions… I have one phase which is called ‘airphase’ that is the ‘mixture-template’ with nitrogen and water-vapor and one phase called ‘waterliquidphase’ that is only liquid water. Am I declaring my materials incorreclty? The droplets material are set to multiphase water-liquid and all volume fraction is liquid water. I chose this instead of droplet injection because when I choose droplets it crashes due to high velocities (courant number exceeds 250).