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There is also a possibility using Workbench.

First in Speos, go in Workbench tab and click Publish Parameters. Then select the material and tick in the row Publish corresponding to the material file (the value is a path to the file)

Then launch Workbench. Darg and drop a Speos toolbox in the project schematic like this 

Right click on Geomety then Import Geometry and select your Speos project.

Right Click on Simulation Task and click Generate Parameters.

The project is automatically open and Workbench retrieve the parameters. A link parameter set is added under the Speos node

Double click on parameter set

On the right part, there is the ‘Table of Design points’. Here you can  right click on DP 0 and duplicate it as many time as you need (number of configutations) and on each new design point (DP) you can change the file name

Save the project. 

Back to the project tab, you can Update all design points (will work only if you have an output paramete) or  when parameter set is selected, chande in the propertie Retaiend Design point to Update full project like this :

Then you can update all design points.

Workbench will create one folder for each confuguration with the project corresponding to this configuration and launch the simulation. 

In each subfolder you can find the result for each configuration. 


When selecting simulation task, in the propertie you can also choose the GPU solver


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