Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hello Feiyu Shi,
The command CZMESH is usually used for this application to add a Cohesive Zone Material Model in the system.
More on this can be found in the following references - 
4.11. Cohesive Zone Material (CZM) Model (

More details on the element can be found as follows-
INTER202 (
13.202. INTER202 - 2D 4-Node Cohesive (

Here are some of the examples which use INTER202, which might serve as a good reference in resolving the issue.
Case Description- VM248 (
Input Listing- VM248 Input Listing (

Example from technology showcase-
Chapter 36: VCCT-Based Crack-Growth Simulation of a Composite Laminated T-Joint (

Hope this helps!