Ansys Employee


Hello Hesham,

      If the magnet has partial demagnetization, it means demagnetization just happens in some area of the magnet. We may not use 1) to manually modify matetial properties.

      I think the model will add current of before demagnetization and demagnetization phase in the efficiency map model’s excitation, and then make sure the simulation would take the results in last cycle of the map’s exciation for the efficiency map calculation.

      Excitation will be like, that could be modifed for your purpose.

      If(time<1/freq_e, sin(2*pi*freq_e*time),if(time<2/freq_e,3*sin(2*pi*freq_e*time),I_pk*sin(2*pi**freq_e*time)))

       0~1/freq_e:  current = sin(2*pi*freq_e*time)

       1/freq_e~2/freq_e :  3 times of current, your demagnetization current

       after 2/freq_e:   current for effciency map

       Demagnetization example is in ALH https://jam8.sapjam.com/groups/NA4AXmq6h4aU43Ap36G0uU/content?folder_id=TT5bLYQWQ3Ri6dtPW5h3m9