Patrick Kirby

I was able to get my simulations to run a bit, but as I looked to include breakup and coalescence I had to run as a transient simulation, which ran into an error (I'm thinking a memory type issue as I have a fairly refined mesh (800,000 mostly polyhedral).

To get a quicker estimation of what I may expect I switch off the break-up and stochastic collison models and attempt to solve for the particle trajectories while post-processing a single phase simulation. My model is a reactor tank with the particles entering via sparging (set as an escape DPM bc). The top of the tank is also set to an escape BC related to DPM. 

The particle tracking is not successful as I recieve a segmentation fault. I spectulated that this may be due to the finer mesh and perhaps compuational load so I increased the number of skiped and coarsened tracks. Still waiting on that. Would it make sense that my issues are related to computational intensity?

Thanks and have a good one.