Aras karimi


Thank you very much for the video. I tried to convert another wing geometry from STL file to solid geometry exactly like you did in the video, but a lot of red lines appear at the end of the wing and it gives an error and it doesn’t convert to solid geometry. I did the following steps:

1) First, I created two Plane in the wing sections and closed both sides of the wing using the Holes option.

2) I clicked on Autoskin and the following image was obtained:

3) Next, I used the regularize and smooth options and finally clicked on Check Fast and received the following message:

(I chose the Regularize and Smooth values exactly like the values you chose in the video.)

4) I clicked on Autoskin twice, and the following figure was obtained and it gave an error:

I tried to do it exactly like you did but it didn’t work. What do you think is the reason for this error? Does every geometry have a special method to become a solid geometry? I have many geometries, how can I convert them into solid geometry without problems?