venkata sai prakash koppisetti

Thank you peter for your reply. I do have S-N Curve details.

I would like to use fatigue tool. As you can see the stress varies from 650 MPa to 0, so do i need to create a table for force application? or constant force which results in 650 MPa stress generation needs to be applied in static structural?

In case (a) you referred to mean stress as 325 MPa, So, is this an input that goes along with S-N

curve data in the engineering data?



Aslo, if I enter the value of mean stress of 350 MPa in Engineering data, Which option from fatigue tool should I select? Would that be a zero based or fully reveresed?                                                                        

I have selected the life unit as seconds and one cycle as 2 seconds. Am I correctly representing the cylce?


Thanks in advance.