Michael Thompson

Have you tried the Bolt Tools Add On for Mechanical (2022.2 and above).  This has a feature to automate force and moment reaction probes with a CS per the local orientation of the bolt.  This can either be done by creating a construction surface that splits the bolt shank, or you can post process on the bolt seating faces the reaction loads.
Once you have automatically created the objects in the tree (can be for single time point, all, or user selection) these values are auto-generated into a .csv report that can further be used to do post processing in Excel for example.
After you have done post in Excel, you can finally use the tool to cross-reference between the final results and the objects in the Mechanical tree.  

To access this functionality go to Add Ons on the ribbon and active Bolt Tools.
In the new Bolt Tools tab in the ribbon go to: Wizards>Reaction Probes Wizard
This will bring up a side panel to interact with and start the automation process per the above description.