Leonardo Melo

hi, thanks for the answer. i tried making it 5, and nothing changed. i have a large number of faces, its a complex 3d geometry that acts as a barrier to water in a tube. when I run the model with 1 of the geometry, it works fine. this problem began when I put a second geometry in series with the first one. each solid has ~18k faces. its heavy, but i see no problem.


here is my last output.txt, if that helps: https://we.tl/t-tQpV8f4hDt


i tried two machines, 1tb hdd space, 16 and 32gb ram respectively, and nothing changes. tried maximizin memory alocation factor up to 5 and still have the error. 


i dont have any mesh adaptation, not sure but i think this is used in fluent only? im using cfx.