Mohamed HASSAN

Dear Ashish,

Thank you for your prompt response and for providing the reference to the paper on predicting and validating melt pool dimensions in additively manufactured AlSi10Mg. I have reviewed the paper, and while the FE thermomechanical model using Abaqus is certainly insightful, it appears that their approach is focused on the thermal analysis of a meso-scale model without taking into account fluid dynamics, right?

I am particularly interested in simulating the transient temperature field of the melt pool and the heat-affected zone in LPBF and DED processes using computational fluid dynamics. I believe considering phenomena such as Marangoni flow, capillary flow, recoil pressure, and melt pool turbulence, as well as modeling two-phase flow, phase change, and the volume of fluid (VOF) method can significantly enhance the accuracy of our simulation results, right?

To this end, I would like to inquire about Ansys modules specifically designed for CFD simulations of additive manufacturing processes, including modules that can handle complex multiphysics interactions such as fluid-structure interactions, heat transfer, and phase changes. Furthermore, I would appreciate any learning materials or tutorials that could help me get started with these Ansys modules.

Looking forward to your guidance on this matter.

Best regards, Mohamed