Feiyu Shi

Hi Sahil,

Thanks very much for your reply and the useful links! However CZMESH command didn't work for my problem. Here is the reason:

For example, when I used CZMESH to create a INTER202 element between Element 1 and Element 10, the programme would modify the nodal number of Element1 and create a cohesive element successfully, however, when I used the CZMESH command again for Element 1 and 12, it failed because Element 1 and 12 no longer had two shared nodes now.

I've tried defining Element 1 as a component, and Element 6, 10 and 12 as another component, and then applied CZMESH command on this two components, but just 1 cohesive element (it should've been three and this is what I need) could be created successfully between these two components.

Thanks again for your help,

Kind regards,