Aras karimi

Hi Dear Peteroznewman,

I am glad that you answered me.Unfortunately, I have never used the Spaceclaim software and it is a matter of pride that I am learning something in your presence.

I would like the generated solid geometry to be exactly the same as the geometry in the STL file and not have the trailing edge rounded.The trailing edge of the first solid wing is also rounded and I want it to be sharp like the STL.I want to turn the second wing into a solid geometry exactly like its STL, which means it has a sharp trailing edge.

I don't think I can use Fluent Machining due to the blocking of wing geometry for meshing.

If you please teach me how to convert the STL of the first wing into a solid geometry so that it becomes exactly like its STL and its trailing edge is not rounded, I would be grateful.I will run it once on the second wing and if I am not successful, I will send you its STL file.

Thankyou very much.