Sashank Gautam

Thank you for the suggestion.

Yes, I have referred to the parallel computing chapter of the Ansys help document. The challenge is that the examples/information is targeted toward computing a single value from all the computation nodes assigned to the solver. For example, calculating the average pressure drop across the entire domain. Here they record the pressure drop values in all the cells from individual nodes and then pass it to node-0 which calculates the final answer.
My challenge is that I am working with UDS values on every cell. My result relies on accurate values of these UDS on the cells at the end (when the individual nodes pass the values to node-0). I tried message-passing commands such as PRF_CRECV_INT(i, UDSI(c,t,0), 1, i), however, the results do not match the results obtained from a single core. It would be really helpful to see examples suitable for my case or a couple of lines of codes I could work from.